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BiG CZ Data Portal

The BiG CZ Data Portal is a web application for intuitive, high-performance map-based discovery, access, visualization and analysis of diverse data. It serves as an easy point of entry into the BiG CZ Data system, by utilizing the BiG CZ Data Catalog to search many data repositories, and by provide links to datasets and associated web services that can be accessed and analyzed using the BiG CZ Data Toolbox.

The BiG CZ Data Portal is available at

Geospatial Data Analytics

The BiG CZ Data Portal is built on the framework for the WikiWatershed / Model My Watershed Web Application, which is built on a fully open-source software stack that is available at and that leverages the high-performance GeoTrellis geographic processing engine deployed on the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure.

The BiG CZ Data Portal thus provides rapid visualization and geospatial analysis of national datasets for land cover, soil groups and mean monthly and mean annual climate for the selected area of interest. It also allows for visualization of streams and rivers.

Multi-Catalog Free-Text Search for Datasets

After geospatial analysis of an area of interest, the user can search within that area for datasets contained in three separate data catalogs (CINERGI, HydroShare, CUAHSI Water Data Center).

The list of datasets can be filtered by free-text search and by time period coverage. A dataset can be selected for additional details, such as the dataset abstract and links to sources and web services.

Read about the BiG CZ Data Catalog for more info.

GitHub Repository

Specific work on the BiG CZ Data Portal (issues and commits) can be viewed at in the WikiWatershed repositories at:✓&q=is%3Aissue%20label%3ABigCZ%20.