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A complete point of sale software to manage your daily restaurant operations

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From quick order punching to reporting, our Restaurant POS takes care of everything

Punch-In incoming orders, intimate the kitchen by printing KOTs, print receipts, track orders, manage customer database - all with our new age restaurant POS system

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A POS Built For Your Restaurant Type

User-Friendly Design

Simple, clutter-free design ensures enhanced user experience so that you can focus on stuff that matters - your food & your service.

Easy to Set Up

Just install, login and our Restaurant POS system will be up & running. All you need is a Windows/Mac system to run it.

Offline First

With our offline mode, your restaurant POS software will always be up & running even if there is no internet. Punch-In orders, download reports or store customer data hassle-free.

Advanced Analytics

See how your business is doing on a central business
dashboard for all outlet sales & view daily business reports generated automatically at day end.

Integrates with CRM

Access customer information of all your customers at one
place & meet your retention goals by sending them personalised email & campaigns.

Get online & third-party aggregator
orders on Restaurant POS Software

A seamless integration with Merge allows you to get all orders from all sources - Website, Zomato, Swiggy, foodpanda etc on your restaurant POS system

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Restaurant POS features

  • Inventory Management
    Keep track of stock consumption, save recipes & control pilferage through one platform
  • Cash Management
    Record your daily expenses & cash credits to get an accurate picture of your cash
  • Franchise Support
    Control user access for different franchises & compare performances across outlets
  • Customer History
    Collect & store customer details & order history and engage them by integrating POS with CRM
  • Touch Friendly
    Touch-screen compatibility ensures your POS restaurant software works on desktop as well as tablet
  • Secure
    Stored both locally & on the cloud, your customer data is safe & secure

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Still think that your restaurant POS is capable of handling just the operation bit of billing, ticketing and invoicing? Think again! A modern day cloud restaurant POS system does a lot more. Whether it is Data Analytics, CRM, Loyalty or Feedback management - your Point of Sale system has all the answers!

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More on Restaurant POS

You may have opened multiple channels for your restaurant online such as third party online aggregators such as Swiggy, Zomato, your own online ordering platforms such as Website, App. No matter how many platforms you have in lace, you cannot deny the convenience of a single linkage which would reflect all your orders onto your POS. To have all your online orders reflect in your restaurant POS, you need to follow one of the following 3 methods

1. Upload all your orders into your POS manually.
2. Have an API integration in place - An API integration allows orders to come into your restaurant POS system automatically once the order is placed.
3. Outsource the API linkage to a third party vendor and make use of their integration software. LimeTray Merge helps you sync in all your orders from all platforms onto your POS system.

A cloud restaurant POS has significant advantages over its legacy counterpart. Here is a list of the key benefits offered by a cloud POS.

1. Data is safe and secure - As data coming into your restaurant POS gets stored on remote and reputed servers, your kitchen/restaurant data is now safer than ever. Legacy POS systems on the other hand store data on local servers.
2. Easy software upgrades - cloud POS ensures that automatic software updates take place in your system (during off business hours). This prevents your software from becoming obsolete with time. Legacy POS systems on the the other hand get outdated quickly and then must be replaced.
3. Updates on the go - With a cloud restaurant POS system, you can always be online, and on top of your business. You do not have to be physically present to make menu changes or other updates. As long as you have a portable device and active internet connection, you can make changes even from the remotest of locations.
4. Easy monthly payments - cloud POS model works on a subscription model wherein you can make easy monthly payments to renew your software pack.

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