BiG CZ Data Central

The BiG CZ Data Central is a software stack to bridge data systems developed for multiple critical zone domains into a single metadata catalogĀ and integrative web service API. It will provide web service APIs to the BiG CZ Data Portal, the BiG CZ Data Toolbox and other software.

The BiG CZ Data Central will include:

  • BiG-CZ-Central-Triangle
    BiG CZ software is being around upon the Observations Data Model v2.0 (ODM2)

    Central catalog, based on the new Observations Data Model version 2 (ODM2) for single search of multiple repositories (i.e. IEDA EarthChemDB (based on ODM2), IEDA EarthChemLibrary, CUAHSI Water Data Center, System for Earth Sample Registration (SESAR/IGSN), DOE MG-RAST, OpenTopogaphy, Federal and State Geological Surveys through USGIN).

  • Web services APIs for above repositories using both International standards and the ODM2, with mappings to vocabularies for other systems that BiG CZ community adopts for clients such as BiG CZ Portal.


  • RESTful web services have been for sharing data from an ODM2 database via web protocols such as CUAHSI HIS WaterOneFlow compliant web services for serving observational time series data as WaterML 1.1 and WaterML 2.0 (, fully functional). In addition, we are developing a new, prototype REST web services for serving datasets derived from physical samples and time series from ODM2 database instances (, under development). These web services go beyond the capabilities of the CUAHSI HIS web services, which do not adequately support the publication and access to observations and metadata derived from physical samples, which are central to CZ datasets and critical to the function of BiG-CZ Central.
  • The EarthCube CINERGI project has prototyped a catalog of catalogs that will be important for broad searches of earth science data ( BiC-CZ Central will directly leverage the CINERGI catalog.