BiG CZ Data Portal

The BiG CZ Data Portal is a web application for intuitive, high-performance map-based discovery, visualization, access and publication of diverse data. It will serve as the first point of entry into the BiG CZ Data system.

The BiG CZ Data Portal will combine:

  • Map views to search, filter, select, view, analyze and download heterogeneous datasets, including:
    • points with sensor and sample based observational data
    • GIS and satellite raster data
  • Data publication/registration forms, to publish to BiG CZ Central or one of our many partnering data repositories (i.e. IEDA, CUAHSI Water Data Center, DOE KBase, OpenTopography).


  • We have prototyped the ingestion of point observation data from many sources (USGS, CUAHSI WDC, System for Earth Sample Registration/IGSN, and MG-RAST) at

    Screenshot of the BiG CZ Portal prototype
  • We have also developed the core geospatial functionality within our Model My Watershed project.

    Screenshot of the Model My Watershed web application.