BiG CZ Data Toolbox

The BiG CZ Data Toolbox is a single, easy-to-install, easy-to-teach cross-platform package of the ODM2 software ecosystem and power functions for accessing BiG CZ Data Catalog and Web services.

ODM Tools Power Functions

It will serve cyber-savvy CZ scientists with powerful tools for local data management and publication and for access, analysis and modeling of data available via the BiG CZ Data Portal and other data repositories.

The BiG CZ Data Toolbox is an easy-to-install software system that includes graphical user interface (GUI) applications within an independent Python environment built upon the Conda packaging system and Conda virtual environments.

BiG CZ Data Toolbox Components

ODM2 Database

A ready-to-use relational database based on ODM2 implemented in SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or PostgreSQL ( and pre-populated with ODM2 Controlled Vocabularies (

Extensive ODM2 documentation and scripts for creating ODM2 relational databases are available now.

ODM Tools Python

ODM Tools time series exploration.

A GUI desktop application for visualization and scripted quality control of environmental sensor observations data. Fully functional with ODM 1.1. ODM2 support has been added and is currently being tested.


ODM2 Web Services

REST web services for sharing data from an ODM2 database via Web. (fully functional) and (under development).

BiG CZ Python library to enable power functions for working with data, including functions for direct access to BiG CZ Central web service APIs for searching and fetching data from BiG CZ Central and other catalogs.
BiG CZ iPython/Jupyter Notebooks to demonstrate and teach the BiG CZ Python library, BiG CZ Central APIs, ODM2 database use and other components of the ODM2 software ecosystem.