About BiG CZ

The BiG CZ Data Software System

An open-source software system specifically designed to solve the challenges of managing, sharing, analyzing and integrating diverse data from of biological and geological (BiG) disciplines for Critical Zone (CZ) science.

BiG CZ software (https://github.com/BiG-CZ) is being built upon the Observations Data Model v2.0 (ODM2, http://ODM2.org), a new information model aimed at facilitating greater interoperability across scientific disciplines and domain cyberinfrastructures that serve such diverse data as: hydrological time series, soil and sediment geochemistry, biodiversity surveys, oceanographic sensor profiles, multi-dimensional spectra, and more (Horsburgh et al. 2016).

The BiG CZ Data software system will be released in late 2016.

Read below for more details and links to previews and prototypes.

BiG CZ Data Portal

The BiG CZ Data Portal is a web application for intuitive, high-performance map-based discovery, visualization, access and publication of diverse data.  Read more about the BiG CZ Data Portal>>

BiG CZ Data Toolbox

The BiG CZ Data Toolbox is a single, easy-to-install, easy-to-teach cross-platform package of the ODM2 software ecosystem and power functions for accessing BiG CZ Data Central web services. Read more about the BiG CZ Data Toolbox>>

BiG CZ Data Central

The BiG CZ Data Central is a software stack to bridge data systems developed for multiple critical zone domains into a single metadata catalog and integrative web service API. Read more about the BiG CZ Data Central>>